Project Zombie
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We are a modern post-apocalyptic survival server looking for developers and builders.

Our goal is to create a beautiful map and custom plugins to support an immersive, open world zombie apocalypse unlike any other Minecraft server.  We plan to release our map to the public and await exciting servers and game modes based on our map!

As you can see, the website is a work in progress! More to come soon...


Hey everybody, hope you're enjoying life.  I have exciting news regarding Project Zombie's custom plugins! I want to make this post specific to the code I'm currently working on in hopes to receive feedback from you guys.  There are two plugins as of right now, Care Package Drops and Crackshot Guns Enhanced.

Care Package Drops:

You may have an idea about this plugin from previous posts.  Its functionality is to create scenarios that drop packages full of rare loot.  Everybody's compass will be able to point to the drop and cause a firefight amongst players to get that loot.  I still need to work on the spawning algorithm for where the drops are placed, to avoid a care package spawn to be right next to a player. 

What I ask of you guys for this plugin is where should the drops be? What should be the lore of the drop? 

The idea I had (and actually used to test the plugin) was a helicopter lands on top of Minetech.  The plugin is able to copy the helicopter from a location outside the map, paste it on Minetech's roof, and display a one line message to the server.

Crackshot Guns Enhanced:

I decided to group the Breakable Windows and Gun Scope plugin into this mega-plugin that will contain anything related to CrackShot guns.  My idea right now is to add durability to weapons and display this information in a cool way.  For example, a brand new AK-47 will have durability 'Factory New' and have a high accuracy (91.38) whereas a 'Rusty' AK-47 will have a low accuracy (77.56) and will most likely break after a few magazines have been shot from it.

My question is what would be a good tier list for gun durability? I definitely want to include 'Rusty' as a low durability; 'Factory New' is actually from CS:GO, so lets try to be original!

My second question is what other stats should each gun display?  I have to include the ammo type. I could remove the accuracy percentage but I realized with this plugin I can randomize the accuracy so all guns are slightly different. Would be cool to see these specs in my opinion.  And obviously the tier of the gun will be displayed.

So that's all I have for this week. If you read over this entire article, think about those questions I asked and post your ideas down below or shoot me a message! I check this website everyday so if you ever need me keep shooting me messages and I'll reply pretty quickly.

TL;DR: I'm working on custom plugins. Want fan ideas for implementation. Read the article if you're interested!


Passion_pit13 What happened to the server? Did it get a new IP address or something?
Apsens Regarding the care package drops, it would be nice to have them in places that encourage players to explore different pa...
Mike429 with Crackshot Guns ther needs to be a way to clean the guns like real gun and if you are steel using tools as guns i th...

2015-04-20 Welcome to the [very overdue] Weekly Changelog

Hey everyone, long time no post! I am happy to confirm that Project Zombie's work-flow is better than ever.  We had our first official meeting last Sunday and discussed everyone's projects and todo list. We are very happy to welcome back our longtime builders Thagen, MrPinkyPuff, and our newest builder, HookJ.  I will break down this post into individual projects we are working on.


I'm currently working on the care package plugin and updating existing rural houses with our newest textures.  I also help any other builders with various parts of their project: mainly extensive WorldEditing or naturalization of landscapes.  I am a decent builder but my strong points are setting up a space for builders to build on using WorldEdit, terraforming landscapes, and adding trees/flora.


I like to refer to atar as our server wizard.  He has set up everything server related for us admins to use such as console, FTP, port forwarding, you name it.  As for building he has cleared all the snow off the roads in order for mobs to spawn more frequently in the city (the roads are now grass blocks!).  Last but certainly not least atar has found a great resource that turns head blocks into cool cosmetic blocks like security cameras, computers, etc.  He has been going through the entire map adding these.  It's a great addition to PZ's realism!


Cloud has been working very hard on rebuilding the zoo near the waterfront. This is an essential part of the map since it resides so close to spawn.  It will be one of the first builds new players see so it needs to look good!


I am really excited to share the project Thagen is working on.  He is redoing the entire metro system that lies underneath the city.  He's the perfect candidate for this project for he is reading the Metro 2033 book! The tunnels look fantastic so far.  I already know this will be my favorite part about the city.


HookJ's project is one of the most vital projects; skyscraper dungeons.  I ran through one the other day and I have to say, the detail and challenge put into it was exactly what the experience players of Project Zombie need: something that's going to kick their ass.  I'm very excited to see more of these complete in the future.


Pinky is working with me on retexturing various buildings throughout the map. I can guarantee most buildings are going to look much better than they did before.

That's all I got for this week's changelog. I really like the idea of posting about each builder's role as it gives their work more publicity and informs the fans more about who we are as a team.  If you think you have what it takes to join us, please send me pictures of your best builds and let's talk about where you would fit on the team!

Cheers and have a great week,


Mike429 times like this is were i wish i was steel apart of the team but skyscrapers are not my best strong soot for building un...
Thagen That brought a tear to my eye :'D
Apsens Wow, this is sounding incredible. I'm glad that Project Zombie has such a great team working on it. I really liked ...

2015-03-22 Welcome to the Weekly Changelog

Hey guys, sorry for skipping out on last week's post. All of my finals and projects were due last week so I was busy up to my neck with that.  So I have some ground-breaking news for Project Zombie. Please read this next paragraph fully so you can understand from my perspective why I had to do this.

Earlier last week I decided that in order for Project Zombie to be successful, it had to be in a network of some kind; not a stand-alone server. I also realized that for PZ to be consistently worked on, someone else has to be in charge because I do not have enough time these days like I did three/four years ago.  I searched around the Minecraft community for a network that would make a nice home for Project Zombie and continue it's development (and not alter it's gameplay).

After looking at many different networks I found  It's ran by ataranlen; he's a great guy and very knowledgable in Minecraft (much more than me!) and has played Project Zombie back in its prime.  He and I share the same vision of what Project Zombie has the potential to be all while sticking it its roots.  I have already handed him the server files and we are starting to develop on his network.

I will still be be actively working on Project Zombie; the same amount I would be if I still owned the server.  We are in the process of writing a massive to-do list and getting organized to start developing at a faster pace.

I will also be handing the domain to atar so we can make Project Zombie's IP I'll keep you guys updated.

And finally, a little more personal news, I found an unpaid internship for programming! I put in my two weeks at my current job so I can focus my time toward programming more (include Project Zombie programming!). 

I don't have a render or changelog this week. I'll be sure to post my to-do list to let you guys know our agenda in developing.


 - Waterfront
 - Park
 - Zoo
 - Gated Community
 - Roads
   - Change road to grass (no snow on top either!)
   - Less dense cars
   - Street light rework
   - More curved corners where possible
 - Retexturing
   - Update buildings with new doors
   - Recolor rural buildings
   - Retexture floors (some are bricks now!)
 - Interiors
   - Finish unfinished interiors
   - Remove existing phatloots chests

 - Reconfigure accuracies
 - Compress sound files
 - Map unique locations for guns
 - Create 'durablity' plugin for guns
   - Guns might have to be tools (for durability)
   - Switch 'material' guns and low-level melee weps
 - Think of way to obtain ammo

Zombie Spawning:
 - Consistent spawning method for mobs
 - Create multiple types of mobs (speeds/health/etc)
 - Different map 'areas' with unique spawning (difficulty)
   - Waterfront
   - Airport, etc

 - Create unique statistics plugin (zombie kills/player kills)
 - Create 'ranks' base on kills

 - Stat plugin
 - Party plugin
 - Care package plugin

Have a nice week,


sammya1 YOOO i'm ataranlen's little bro, just sayin
HookJ I LOVED this server! i can't way to see it come back online, if you are looking for a good builder definitely tell ...
nidemp OOh when you guys run testing again I'd Love to join!

2015-03-15 Welcome to the Weekly Changelog

Hey guys what's going on. I'm a little behind schedule and do not have time to make a full post at the moment.  I have a 7-hour shift at work in a little bit so today's post will have to be delayed.

I am processing the video of last week's tour highlights (20 minutes of gameplay in 1080p!) so that will be posted tonight.  I also want to talk about OnlyBonez's plugin ideas and get to work on drafting the code for that!

See you guys later tonight.

2015-03-08 Welcome to the Weekly Changelog

Hey guys how's it going. So this week we had a pretty exciting event: my cousin who attends University of Washington (Seattle) is in a virtual worlds class and toured the Project Zombie map to his class of 40 people! I unfortunately do not have the audio from his presentation, but I did record the entire thing in 1080p.  I'll upload that later tonight and post the video right here once it is uploaded.


Following up on last week, we did get a few models created! And by we I mean CloudQuake; I've been quite busy with school lately so I unfortunately have not got much done on PZ this last week.

As for gun models, we are still working the kinks out to have them display correctly when holding them.  

I have been thinking more about the party plugin and what that would entail.  I wrote out a list of commands that I want to develop once spring break starts.



  • /party create <name>
    • Creates party and makes you party leader.
  • /party invite <player>
    • Invites player to current party (party leader only).
  • /party promote <player>
    • Promotes other players in your current party to leader status (party leader only).
  • /party remove <player>
    • Removes player from your party (party leader only).
  • /party accept <name>
    • Accepts the party invite and sets your current party to their team.
  • /party leave
    • Leave the current party you are in.
  • /party list
    • Shows all online people and parties.
  • /party archive
    • Shows all parties sorted by greatest amount of players in a party.


That's all I got for this week. As always we are looking for developers and builders! Send me a message if you're interested and we'll set a time to talk soon.  See you next week!

  • Changelog 0.02 2015-03-08
    • Created cash register and ladder model
    • Planned out PZ-Party plugin and commands
  • Changelog 0.01 2015-03-01
    • Replaced Essentials with my own plugin OPNecessities
    • Working on a release version for the BreakableWindows, a plugin that allows you to break window chuncks with your hands, melee weapons, and Crackshot guns/explosives
    • Further progression of building in the downtown area of the map.
  • Render of the Week:

nidemp What's the IP?
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