Project Zombie
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We are a modern post-apocalyptic survival server looking for developers and builders.

Our goal is to create a beautiful map and custom plugins to support an immersive, open world zombie apocalypse unlike any other Minecraft server.  Our map is publicly available, we await exciting servers and game modes based on our map!

In addition, we have a survival server on a beautiful custom map with towns, plots, economy, and shops. The IP will be posted soon.


By Jesse a - Posted Feb 25, 16


Hey everybody, tonight I have finally got our name back into the real world and made a post on Planet Minecraft. You can find the page here.

With it includes many renders. I will update the slideshow at the top and provide a gallery of the high-res 2560x1440 pngs for everybody to download. They make great desktop backgrounds!

As for a personal update, I'm wrapping up my final quarter of my computer science degree and am looking into a master's program. Spring and summer (while I'm not in school) is going to be devoted just for PZ! Really looking forward to you guys breaking my plugins and helping test when we go to Beta (again)!

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