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We are a modern post-apocalyptic survival server looking for developers and builders.

Our goal is to create a beautiful map and custom plugins to support an immersive, open world zombie apocalypse unlike any other Minecraft server.  Our map is publicly available, we await exciting servers and game modes based on our map!

In addition, we have a survival server on a beautiful custom map with towns, plots, economy, and shops. The IP will be posted soon.


By Jesse a - Posted Aug 20, 15


Hey guys, today I want to step aside from development talk and discuss Project Zombie monetization. In the past I have always done one-time donations. I prefer this method over subscriptions but with how Project Zombie will operate, I think subscriptions might be the best solution; here's why.

Hotel Rooms:

Rooms will always be a part of my servers. However, if PZ booms with players and we have a ton of people donating for a room, we'd have to be able to support 1000+ rooms and garauntee those rooms be saved forever! WorldGuard has a hard time parsing 1000 different regions, making the server slow!  With subscriptions, we could limit the rooms to one cruise ship.

Continuing Support:

Hosting PZ and the website costs money (obviously :P ). It would be nice to have continuing donations to pay for these server costs and pay dedicated builders, admins, future website developers, etc instead of relying on new donators wanting VIP.  I can garauntee all money will go toward the server or future servers :)

New Benefits?

I have had a few ideas floating around for new benefits we can introduce.

  • Party-Plus
    • There will be a custom party plugin that will allow players to make gangs/clans/teams/etc.  I want everyone to be able to make one. The perks of being a subscriber is you can have more people in your party. So for example, a non-donating player can make a party of up to 5 people whereas a subscriber can have 10, 20, or 50 depending on which subscription they choose!
  • Pets!
    • A pretty generic but still fun perk to have. Allow pets inside hotel rooms!
  • Monthly keys
    • So we are going to introduce crates into Project Zombie.  A crate can contain any weapon with any combination of attatchments (there are currently 700+ different combinations!). Subscribers will get a certain amount of keys each month which can be used to open crates.  Note that keys can be obtained by any player!

We are always open to ideas from the players. If you got one, please fire away in the comments!

For all the past donators from original PZ, I'm afraid my list cannot be used since Minecraft introduced unique IDs :/ Since we have added so much to PZ (it's pratically a different server), I'm going to start clean and not carry over donations from ORIGINAL PZ. However for those who donated during the Project Zombie Reborn beta, you will recieve a subscription for some time based on the amount you donated :)

That's all I have for now, I will be on all of this weekend if you need me!


~ Jesse

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