Project Zombie
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We are a modern post-apocalyptic survival server looking for developers and builders.

Our goal is to create a beautiful map and custom plugins to support an immersive, open world zombie apocalypse unlike any other Minecraft server.  Our map is publicly available, we await exciting servers and game modes based on our map!

In addition, we have a survival server on a beautiful custom map with towns, plots, economy, and shops. The IP will be posted soon.

2015-03-22 Welcome to the Weekly Changelog

Hey guys, sorry for skipping out on last week's post. All of my finals and projects were due last week so I was busy up to my neck with that.  So I have some ground-breaking news for Project Zombie. Please read this next paragraph fully so you can understand from my perspective why I had to do this.

Earlier last week I decided that in order for Project Zombie to be successful, it had to be in a network of some kind; not a stand-alone server. I also realized that for PZ to be consistently worked on, someone else has to be in charge because I do not have enough time these days like I did three/four years ago.  I searched around the Minecraft community for a network that would make a nice home for Project Zombie and continue it's development (and not alter it's gameplay).

After looking at many different networks I found  It's ran by ataranlen; he's a great guy and very knowledgable in Minecraft (much more than me!) and has played Project Zombie back in its prime.  He and I share the same vision of what Project Zombie has the potential to be all while sticking it its roots.  I have already handed him the server files and we are starting to develop on his network.

I will still be be actively working on Project Zombie; the same amount I would be if I still owned the server.  We are in the process of writing a massive to-do list and getting organized to start developing at a faster pace.

I will also be handing the domain to atar so we can make Project Zombie's IP I'll keep you guys updated.

And finally, a little more personal news, I found an unpaid internship for programming! I put in my two weeks at my current job so I can focus my time toward programming more (include Project Zombie programming!). 

I don't have a render or changelog this week. I'll be sure to post my to-do list to let you guys know our agenda in developing.


 - Waterfront
 - Park
 - Zoo
 - Gated Community
 - Roads
   - Change road to grass (no snow on top either!)
   - Less dense cars
   - Street light rework
   - More curved corners where possible
 - Retexturing
   - Update buildings with new doors
   - Recolor rural buildings
   - Retexture floors (some are bricks now!)
 - Interiors
   - Finish unfinished interiors
   - Remove existing phatloots chests

 - Reconfigure accuracies
 - Compress sound files
 - Map unique locations for guns
 - Create 'durablity' plugin for guns
   - Guns might have to be tools (for durability)
   - Switch 'material' guns and low-level melee weps
 - Think of way to obtain ammo

Zombie Spawning:
 - Consistent spawning method for mobs
 - Create multiple types of mobs (speeds/health/etc)
 - Different map 'areas' with unique spawning (difficulty)
   - Waterfront
   - Airport, etc

 - Create unique statistics plugin (zombie kills/player kills)
 - Create 'ranks' base on kills

 - Stat plugin
 - Party plugin
 - Care package plugin

Have a nice week,


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