Project Zombie
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We are a modern post-apocalyptic survival server looking for developers and builders.

Our goal is to create a beautiful map and custom plugins to support an immersive, open world zombie apocalypse unlike any other Minecraft server.  Our map is publicly available, we await exciting servers and game modes based on our map!

In addition, we have a survival server on a beautiful custom map with towns, plots, economy, and shops. The IP will be posted soon.

Welcome to The Weekly Changelog.

This week I want to focus on programming a new plugin and look into possible models for PZ's gun selection.  The new plugin I want to create will allow players to create and join survival parties.  By storing these groups, I'll be able to later create a way for parties to have separate chat channels and store cool statistics like kill death ratio.  

Following up from last week's update, we have indeed updated to 1.8. With Minecraft's new model features we want to look into replacing the guns' current skin textures and create models.  I'm in the process of downloading Blender and giving 3d modeling a shot for the first time! My idea is to import these awesome models created by kalasnikov88 and downsize them to Minecraft's size at 128 pixels.  I'm hoping to eventually make my own models but for now, since so many guns are already based off Counter Strike, I'll work with these.

We are also always looking for new developers and builders! Please send me a message if you're interested in building and we'll talk. See you guys next week!

  • Changelog 0.01 2015-03-01
    • Replaced Essentials with my own plugin OPNecessities
    • Working on a release version for the BreakableWindows, a plugin that allows you to break window chuncks with your hands, melee weapons, and Crackshot guns/explosives
    • Further progression of building in the downtown area of the map.
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