Project Zombie
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We are a modern post-apocalyptic survival server looking for developers and builders.

Our goal is to create a beautiful map and custom plugins to support an immersive, open world zombie apocalypse unlike any other Minecraft server.  Our map is publicly available, we await exciting servers and game modes based on our map!

In addition, we have a survival server on a beautiful custom map with towns, plots, economy, and shops. The IP will be posted soon.

Where we are with PZ

By Jesse a - Posted Oct 25, 13

To the few remaining players who periodically check the Project Zombie website with hopes of new content, I apologize for posting nothing. Ever. All of the admins and I are very busy and haven't had much time to devote toward PZ. I try to get 4-6 hours of building in each week, I know it doesn't seem like a lot but trust me, it is for my schedule.

As far as PZ's progress goes, I think it is safe to say that Project Zombie is starting to become something none of us would have ever expected.  Vince and I's problem is that we keep adding more and more content.  The map at this point is just insane. The amount of content and ideas that WILL be implemented may slow down PZ's release time, but it will be worth the wait. I would not affiliate PZ with Minecraft anymore, it will almost be considered a stand-alone game once released.
To speed up the progress, I need more builders. Excellent builders that go that extra mile to add neat little details to their builds. My problem is that I'm online at such random times that it's hard to collaborate or give instruction to the builders I already have let alone new builders. I don't know what to do to solve this problem.
That's about all of the rambling I have for now. If you might be interested in building or have any questions, comments, or concerns, post them now!
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